Agnieszka Religa

Agnieszka is a highly skilled systemic therapist with an MSc in Psychology and an MSc in Family and Couples Therapy. She has additionally completed training in Emotion-Focused Therapy.

Agnieszka has experience practicing across a range of settings including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) & Adult NHS services, schools, local authorities, and private practice. She is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and Association for Family Therapy (AFT).

Agnieszka adopts a warm and validating approach. She has a specialist interest in client’s personal and relational strengths and resources, and recognises how overwhelming our difficulties can sometimes feel.

Agnieszka primarily works with couples and families that are struggling with a range of emotional, relational and mental health issues. She supports her clients to ‘unstick’ from cyclical patterns of conflict (e.g. attack-withdraw or blame-defend), towards developing safe and loving emotional connections.

In the process of therapy, Agnieszka supports couples and families to explore these patterns, via supporting them to connect with the underlying unexpressed emotions, unmet attachment needs, and longings and fears that drive potentially hurtful and harmful interpersonal behaviours. This facilitates new methods of interaction and communication, and subsequently helps to redefine the relationship as safe and secure.

Agnieszka is highly skilled in fostering a containing environment for her clients, which enables the individuals to safely express and explore difficult thoughts and feelings; to appreciate each other’s experiences and perspectives; and to understand and meet one another’s needs. This creates an atmosphere where couples and family members feel heard, understood, appreciated, connected, loved and important. These are our basic attachment needs, and research tells us that when our foundational needs are met, relational bonds are healed and our wellbeing strengthened.