Miss Akhina Gaches

Akhina Gaches works at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic as an Assistant Psychologist. She brings a wealth of experience to the clinic, and is a hard-working and highly valued member of the Fitzrovia team.  

Akhina initially completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from King’s College London, where she specialised in clinical psychology. She is now further undertaking her Master’s degree in Health Psychology at King’s, allowing her to better understand the bidirectional relationship between psychological and physical health. Akhina’s final research project is focused on investigating whether characteristics of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) may be used to predict depression and anxiety in breast cancer survivors.

To date, Akhina has held positions in both clinical and research settings, and she has worked with both adults and adolescents. Her previous roles have included working as an Assistant Psychologist within the NHS Inherited Cardiac Conditions (ICC) clinics, where she conducted regular psychological assessments and interviews. Akhina aspires to train and qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. 

Akhina values creating a safe and supportive environment for all clients of The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, and she is committed to ensuring each individual receives a gold-standard package of care based on the latest evidence.