Dr Christopher Bonner

Dr Christopher Bonner is a highly skilled Clinical Psychologist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, who has accumulated years of clinical experience, knowledge and expertise since 2008, both in Ireland and the UK. 

Christopher completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Maynooth University before achieving a masters degree in Applied Psychology with distinction at Trinity College Dublin. After moving to the UK in 2015, Christopher completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Low Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Interventions at University College London, before undertaking his doctoral training and qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist from Royal Holloway University of London.  

Creating a safe, supportive, warm and genuine therapeutic relationship is at the core of Christopher’s approach as a therapist. From this non-judgemental and compassionate stance, he works collaboratively with clients to develop a shared understanding of their difficulties. Christopher has a keen interest in understanding what helps people overcome psychological difficulties and why. He is passionate about drawing upon the strengths and interests of clients to help them achieve their specific goals and improve their emotional wellbeing. 

In Ireland and the UK, Christopher has worked with adults and children across a variety of community and inpatient settings. He believes strongly in drawing upon the latest evidence base to inform his clinical work and he offers psychological interventions in line with NICE guidance. By integrating a range of therapeutic models, including CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy, Christopher offers effective and personalised interventions tailored to meet the individual needs of the client. 

Christopher is experienced in the treatment of: 

Christopher is specialised in the area of Clinical Health and in working with individuals who experience psychological distress in the context of medical health diagnoses. Alongside his work at the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, Christopher works in an Oncology Department in a central London hospital, where he has gained extensive experience working with both inpatients and outpatients receiving cancer treatment and care. He is skilled in working with a range of presenting problems, such as adjustment, depression, anxiety (including anxiety related to specific medical procedures, decisions regarding medical treatments, upcoming test results, fear of recurrence and tolerating uncertainty). Christopher also has direct experience of supporting healthcare professionals and colleagues working in highly stressed situations. 

Alongside his clinical work, Christopher is passionate about delivering teaching and training as well as conducting clinical research. He has delivered teaching to masters level students studying Psychology and has facilitated various teaching workshops in hospital settings. His research publications include work on the effectiveness of digital mental health interventions, and he is preparing further publications on experiences of paranoia in members of the general population.