Dr Gavin Menzies

Dr Gavin Menzies is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist with expertise in treating a wide range of psychological presentations.  He has 15 years of experience across a diverse range of mental health settings, and currently holds a senior leadership position within the NHS.   

Gavin completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University, with a particular focus on ‘third-wave’ psychological approaches such as Mindfulness-Based Therapy, on which he completed a research dissertation.  In addition, he holds a Masters in Psychological Therapy in Primary Care from the University of Stirling.  He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council as a Clinical Psychologist and upholds high professional standards with an emphasis on client choice, confidentiality and evidence-based practice. 

Gavin develops an effective therapeutic relationship where individuals can feel heard and understood, and are able to gain comprehensive psychological insights into their own experience.  He works collaboratively with clients to find meaningful and achievable solutions to problems, and can draw upon a wide range of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy in order to tailor interventions towards a client’s needs.  He is skilled in the use of experiential change techniques that can help to create significant psychological shifts in one’s life, and will give clients the skills to sustain changes into the future. 

Gavin has expertise in treating a wide range of presentations, including the following problems: 


Attachment difficulties / developmental trauma 

Bipolar Disorder 


Eating Disorders 

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Health Anxiety

Low Self-Esteem 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 


Personality Disorders 


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 

Social Anxiety

Stress and Burn Out