Miss Ellie Bacon

Ellie Bacon works at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic as an Assistant Psychologist within the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) team. Ellie brings a wealth of experience to the clinic having previously worked within other DBT teams within the private sector.

Ellie completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Her dissertation focused on qualitatively exploring therapists’ experiences of attending DBT consultation meetings. She is now further undertaking her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Southampton University, with the aim of broadening her understanding of the relationship between culture and psychological health. 

To date, Ellie has held positions in both clinical and research settings. Her previous roles have included working as an Assistant Psychologist within a private clinic, where she assisted in the development of their DBT team and treatment programme. Ellie has additionally acquired experience at the OMID Foundation, where she co-delivered training sessions to volunteers wanting to become mentors for disadvantaged women. She has further presented at national and international conferences as a Research Assistant, co-authoring several papers exploring father’s experiences of taking Shared Parental Leave within the UK. Ellie aspires to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. 

Alongside Dr Allison Rigg, Ellie is the safeguarding co-lead, with an NHS Certifications in Safeguarding for Adults (Level 1) and Children (Level 4).

Ellie values creating a supportive environment for all clients of The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, ensuring they feel safe and validated. She is committed to ensuring each individual receives cutting-edge, evidenced-based care.