ACT: Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach

Our Life's a Beach group is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and is open to people with a range of experiences from Depression and Anxiety to Physical Health and Sleep difficulties. Offered as both a stand alone method or as a supplementary group to your individual therapy, this group brings together and builds upon both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness

Facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist and with the support of your fellow peers, we will support you to develop acceptance of experiences that you cannot change, or from which your attempts to do so worsen and exacerbate your difficulties. From there, we will support you to identify your values - what really matters to you - and help you to develop and implement commitment behaviours in your life which promote these values. Drawing upon a number of experiential exercises and mindfulness practices, and using metaphors such as 'life's a beach' and 'passengers on the bus', this group aims to help you to develop new and more flexible ways of thinking that ultimately promote greater wellbeing and happiness.