PTSD: Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma

Our Transforming Trauma group is a specialist group provided for those experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Drawing upon trauma-focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, in this group our specialist Clinical Psychologists will support you to embark upon the first step towards recovering from trauma. Through PTSD-specific psychoeducation, we will support you to develop a greater understanding of your experience of PTSD, such as how certain symptoms are understood to develop and be maintained. In this group we will further help you to develop a number of grounding skills to support you in this early stage, which will ultimately equip you to embark upon your one-to-one therapy and feel better able to cope in day-to-day life. Conducted within a group setting with other individuals who have similarly experienced traumatic events, this group further aims to help you reconnect with people who understand, normalise your difficulties, and support you to rebuild trust in others and the world.