Introducing our Founder and Clinical Director: Dr Allison Hayes

Dr Allison Hayes is the Founder and Clinical Director of The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic.

Allison has acquired a vast wealth of clinical experience in the private sector spanning the past 20-years. She is a highly respected Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a broad range of expertise, skill and knowledge, and is highly regarded by her professional colleagues and peers alike.

Fundamental to Allison’s approach is her unfaltering belief in embodying the qualities of compassion and kindness, both professionally and personally. She believes it is a great privilege to share her client’s journeys towards recovery, and is honoured to support her clients in developing not just a life worth living, but also a life worth loving.

The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic was born from Allison’s pursuit to establish a centre of clinical excellence, which provides outstanding outpatient care to individuals and families experiencing mental health challenges. She promotes that all work undertaken at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic is grounded in evidence-based practice, is adherent to the NICE guidelines, and establishes treatment efficacy. She believes in the importance of being an ethical practitioner and maintains the highest standards of professional integrity in all that she does.