Schema Therapy London

Schema Therapy focuses on identifying and addressing unhelpful ‘schemas’ that are impacting upon your life, and on increasing helpful patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that meet your needs in a healthy, present-focused way. It was designed to help people with difficulties that were caused by adverse childhood experiences and who have found that other therapeutic approaches have not successfully helped them.

A ‘schema’ is a pattern or theme that originates from unmet needs in childhood and is subsequently repeatedly triggered throughout your life. Everyone has schemas relating to themselves, other people and the world around them, and there are both helpful and unhelpful schemas.

Schema Therapy is an evidence-based approach that is particularly effective in the treatment of people with personality disorders and for people who have found that they have not benefitted from other types of therapies.

Schema Therapy is a medium to long-term therapy that typically lasts from 6-months to two years. The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic has a number of Clinical Psychologists who have received specialist Schema Therapy Training and supervision recognised by the International Society for Schema Therapy (ISST). We seek to establish successful partnerships between client and therapist in order to achieve effective therapeutic relationships and outcomes.

If you would like to know more about Schema Therapy or other treatments at our London or Surrey clinics, please contact us so that you can feel confident in the decisions you make about your treatment. If you are able unable to access our London or Surrey Clinics, online options are also available.