GP Liaison and Consultation

The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic provides GP liaison services to enhance the assessment and management of individuals with mental health needs as part of our gold-standard practice.

In addition to this, we also run regular GP consultation events which bring together local GPs and other practitioners for evidence-based consultation on an array of mental health difficulties. These events are run monthly and cover different mental health conditions, and endeavour to equip you within your own practice to best recognise, identify, assess and refer your clients to the correct services.

At the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, we are delighted to deliver further mental health training and provide consultation and input at your practice. This consultation service can be tailored to your individual needs.

If you would like to know more about the consultation events we run and would like to request to be invited, or if you wish to enquire further about the bespoke services we are able to offer, please get in contact.