Stressed at Work?

Everyone experiences feelings of stress from time-to-time and in modern-day life, this is commonly deemed ‘normal’. However, it is important to recognise when ‘acceptable’ amounts of stress are beginning to increase. It may start to cause you physical and emotional exhaustion that requires help and support. The pressures of modern-day living can cause even the strongest of us to ‘burn-out’, and this can have adverse effects on our ability to function ‘normally’ or cope.

Causes of Stress

Managing stress is something most of us must learn in order to engage and function in everyday life. Some causes of stress include:

  • Financial worries
  • Family responsibilities
  • Feeling compelled to compete or be perfect
  • High expectations and pressures from self and others
  • Working in a high stress environment
  • The influence of social media and modern-day technology

Things you can do

Keep track — make a note of how you’re feeling to learn what sets you off

  • Try to relax — Meditation and mindfulness exercises can really help calm you down
  • Rest — Take some time off and rest. A break from the environment can be hugely beneficial
  • Talk to someone — Tell someone else about what you’re going through. A fresh perspective can really help
  • Take a break from technology – Put your phone and other technology away for a short time to give yourself time to recuperate and to remove one of the key triggers of stress
  • Write a list – write a list about the things you need to do, prioritise them, and be realistic about what you can achieve today. Tick them off as you go to give yourself a sense of achievement.

If you need someone to talk to, or would like to arrange a consultation to discuss your experience of stress, get in touch – we’d be happy to help.