Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, formerly known as ‘manic depression’, is a condition that affects a person’s mood, which can swing from one extreme to another, with varying symptoms during highs or lows. Unlike simple mood swings which we can all experience from time-to-time, each extreme episode of Bipolar Disorder can last for several weeks (or even longer), and some people may not experience a “normal” mood very often.

People with Bipolar Disorder may have periods or episodes of:

  • Depression – feeling very low and lethargic
  • Mania – feeling very high and overactive (less severe mania is known as hypomania)

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

The issues experienced in Bipolar Disorder are unique to each individual and so it is important that the approach is tailored to each and every person.

These include both medical and psychological treatment options, both of which are available at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic.

Psychological treatment can help you to deal with depression, the impact of the condition on your day-to-day life and to recognise the triggers and early warning signs of an episode of depression or mania. An effective therapy in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

We’re here to help. If you would like to enquire about treatment for Bipolar Disorder at the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, please contact us to arrange an assessment.