Personality Disorders

Everyone has different ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It is these thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that make up our ‘personality’, or ‘traits’. They shape the way we view the world and the way we relate to others. Traits can be thought of as sitting along a spectrum. For example, everyone may feel distressed, jealous, or want to be liked at times. But it is when these traits start to cause problems that a person may be diagnosed as having a Personality Disorder. A Personality Disorder can affect how someone is able to cope with life, manage relationships, and feel emotionally. Someone with a Personality Disorder may find that their beliefs and ways of dealing with day-to-day life are different from others, and that they find it difficult to change these strategies in spite of this.

A person with a Personality Disorder may find their emotions are confusing, tiring, and hard to control. This can be distressing for both the individual and other people around them. Because it is distressing, a person with a Personality Disorder may develop other mental health difficulties like Depression or Anxiety, and may also find themselves misusing alcohol or drugsself-harming and attempting suicide. Research shows that Personality Disorders are surprisingly common. Around one in 20 people live with some form of Personality Disorder. They typically emerge in adolescence and continue into adulthood, and there are different types of Personality Disorder that present with different sets of symptoms. These include:

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  • Anti-Social Personality Disorder
  • Avoidant Personality Disorder
  • Dependent Personality Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder

Treatment for Personality Disorders

The team at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic are highly skilled in delivering evidence-based and effective individual and group treatment options for people with Personality Disorder. The range of therapies available include those detailed below, which may include both an individual and group therapy component:

We’re here to help. If you would like to enquire about treatment and support for a Personality Disorder at the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, please contact us to arrange an assessment.