Private Psychologist in London

What to Expect in Therapy with a Private Psychologist

Psychology can be thought about as a problem-solving exercise.  During your initial appointment(s), a specialist psychologist will discuss your concerns, explore your situation and emotions, and examine any symptoms you may be experiencing.

After developing a thorough understanding of your situation and its impact on your life, your psychologist will create a bespoke treatment plan that provides you with the most effective solution to suit your needs. Your treatment plan will be unique to your case and can include both individual and group therapy options, family therapy and consultations with employers and education systems.

Therapy sessions involve working collaboratively on your goals and chipping away at the presenting problem(s) in order to improve your mood and any aspects of behaviour that you have identified as wanting to change.

Your psychologist will make a recommendation about the frequency of your psychological therapy sessions based on your individual circumstances.  Often people attend on a weekly or fortnightly basis to start off with, gradually reducing the frequency of their sessions as they improve. After your first session, we recommend booking a series of therapy appointments to ensure you are able to consistently work towards reaching your goals.

Private Psychology at The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic, London

The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic understands that in order for people to achieve meaningful change and high-quality clinical outcomes, they need idiosyncratically tailored treatment approaches suiting their individual needs.  We therefore strive to provide treatment across a variety of different contexts within each individual’s life.  For example, we offer comprehensive individual and group therapy options, family therapy and consultation with employers and education systems.

Authenticity, respect and kindness are three core values championed by The Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic.  In addition to maintaining a centre of clinical excellence, we believe in the importance of being approachable and human, and in developing equal and ethical partnerships with everyone that we have the privilege of working with.

Our clinicians are experienced and compassionate professionals and we ensure that all of our specialists engage in continuous professional development in order to guarantee that their practice adheres to the robust National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

We’re here to help.  Our leading team of private psychologists are here to support you with evidence-based and effective therapy options, tailored to your individual needs.  We work from our therapy rooms on Harley Street, London and Esher, Surrey.  For clients who live outside of London or abroad, we can also offer our services remotely.